4×0 Obsessions

Other than trying out the “utilitarian” cargo ships and aircraft below, I went for a more-detailed, “hard line” sketch style, with some preferential treatment toward my 4×0 (0.18mm) pen. Crosshatching is quite soothing when time allows for it, and if anything, it’s a great lesson on patience.

Rapidograph Wanderings

After rediscovering my Koh-I-Noor technical pens and their precision capabilities for the umpteenth time, it again resulted in two realizations: the need for line control is underrated, and taking maintenance for granted is a risky prospect.

Bipedal mecha everywhere!

Sketch Tales!

A number of months have passed since my last full-time job, and seeing that I’m still hunting for a long-term solution, it’s certainly good to remain productive in order to prevent mental stagnation. Overall, I’m very thankful to God, my family, my friends, and even strangers for the blessings and new adventures I’ve gone through even though most available time is spent within my hometown. SolidWorks World 2012 at San Diego last month was a grand time, but I knew that I had to return home in order to accompany my family before time is surely up.

Over the past few days, I’ve thought about starting something simultaneously old and new: a desire to draw more often, and a wish to tell small stories in the process as well. So today, I’m launching a sketch series from the black book I frequently carry around, and in the future, sometimes from my drafting table or computer. These are little bits and pieces of my imagination and thought processes for you to mull over, be they fictional characters and environments, or real-world engineering concepts. Such scans and images will not be posted on my deviantART page unless they’re in compilation form, so if you’re watching my blog, I welcome you to be a part of this.

Self-improvement and occasional humor aside, I hope that in some way, I can reveal what rolls through my mind during impromptu sessions as well as explain why Jesus Christ has been so transformative in my life. Perhaps it’ll help breathe more life into the work in progress known as “Journeys“, but even if it doesn’t, I look forward to sharing with and learning from you.

“Don’t touch the live wires,” he said. But the other did anyway.

Thanks, Dassault Systèmes!

It’s been a long day of pulling through errands, but my ecstatic mind couldn’t wait any longer to write this! I found out earlier that my Portable MAME Control Panel senior design project won the SolidWorks World 2012 Hobbyist Contest! This is very humbling and a great honor from both the SolidWorks Corporation and Dassault Systèmes, because even today, I haven’t experienced as much enjoyment and real-world productivity from using CAD applications as much as this well-honed software. It truly is an art to breathe technical life into free-form imagination, and DS’ talented employees helped turn a bit of imagination into a worthwhile product – one that enables my friends and I to relive the glory days of the video arcade.

All in all, it’s been a pleasure, and I thank your team for being supportive in my engineering journeys. I hope to see you in San Diego next month for SW World 2012, and I’ll certainly be ready to learn even more from the pros.

God’s Sense of Humor

I remember from years back, a pastor of mine gave a sermon mentioning about God’s sense of humor. As in, the Lord sometimes uses what we say, do, or think about on whims and turns them into lessons for our lives long after we’ve forgotten about the former. Well, it appears that my pastor was quite correct. As an example, before I graduated from high school, an opportunity came up for my class to state our personal quotes for the upcoming yearbook. Mine went like this:

“Time is a God-given thing; everyone is rationed 24 hours to use it for Him.”

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