Otakon 2008!

Two posts within 24 hours of each other? This is sporadic updating at its best…

And here I go again, about to head off to the largest anime convention on the East Coast: Otakon 2008! I’ll make it clear right now, and quit lying to anyone, that picture uploads from my camera are likely not going to occur. Even more so, weblog updates. I’m referring to my sole Otakon 2007 post and the Tekkoshocon 2008 bit, both of which failed in follow-ups. Otakon’s just too involving throughout the three days, so any write-ups will have to occur in the morning or the late evening – assuming I have any energy remaining.

About mecha cosplay at the convention: it won’t happen. Like my previous entry, I thank God that I’m even able to go (considering a hotel’s required this year, since the Jiangs are unavailable to make room at their house). Although money is an issue due to the increased costs, time is a far worse enemy due to the 6-week Summer Session classes eating up any available long-term project space. Ah well…hope there will be a few good mechs there to photograph! This is Otakon’s 10th anniversary at the Baltimore Convention Center and 15th anniversary overall, so I’m expecting some seriously good costumes there.

Just to close things down on Otakon 2007, though, here’s a video (thanks, Firestorm3818) of a hilarious stage light fire that occurred when myself and a number of con-goers went to Tomokazu Seki‘s Q&A panel (he’s the seiyuu of Sousuke Sagara from Full Metal Panic!, one of my favorite light novel and anime series of all time). I’m still laughing on the inside over this, because even Seki was caught off guard when the thing started to spark and flame…

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