EE 010S – Loudspeaker Design

Not an original project per se, but an extremely enjoyable one nevertheless. These are a pair of 6″ PVC pipe loudspeakers built during my EE 010S undergraduate freshman seminar class. Component costs ran about $65 for each unit – one of which was paid by the course. Using 6″ Axon 6S1 woofers, 1″ Axon T1-S tweeters, and simple first-order crossovers, the final sound rivaled bookshelf speakers costing many times more when properly assembled, and even more so when paired with a small subwoofer. They’re audibly distortion-free at full 60 watts RMS power, but still driven easily with my father’s vintage Technics SA-200 receiver. And on top of that, I got a primer on being an electrical engineering student!

The original designers of these loudspeakers were from the Penn State Graduate Program in Acoustics, some of whom are members of the Audio Engineering Society. There is an AES paper located here (local mirror) discussing the EE 010S freshman seminar class and its benefits to incoming EE undergrads.