Journeys – Character Profile: Gilles Malone

An older-brother archetype and residence assistant for incoming university students, college graduate GillesGilMalone is the only non-family member who has shared much of the dynamic life that Luke has experienced since the latter’s elementary days. The only son of mother Sarah and deceased father Wilhelm, he is also a Philadelphia dweller like Veronus. Whether advising with tricky sculpture assignments or getting a post-flight Luke unstuck from local communications towers, Malone shrugs off difficult life events just because “There’s always more stuff ahead.” Indeed, as a driver and navigator for the threesome’s upcoming travels, even he doesn’t know much other than how much closer the estranged group will grow towards one another by the day’s end.

Full name: Gilles Malone
Nickname: Gil
Age: 23
Height: 5 feet, 9 inches.
Eye color: green

Likes: art, skateboarding, chocolate, death metal, movies
Dislikes: intentional incompetence, injuries and bruises, cornflakes

A special trait: Gilles sometimes dresses as a transvestite obsessed with skateboarding gear, but his up-front personality shows him as a mature young adult.