Journeys – Character Profile: Luke Veronus

Son of a Philadelphian family, Luke Veronus aptly displays his talent in creating works of steel art in James’ garage workshop. That is, when he isn’t sprint-skating asphalt at 60+ MPH or tearing through the skies as fast as an L-39 Albatros. Bearing the personal moniker “Raytracer,” his remarkable abilities of speed, power, and reaction are both natural and inherited from his father’s work at VerTaK East. There, Luke volunteered himself to become a test subject for a prototype aerial powered armor and weapons array. A grand blessing and a realization of his dreams to fly, he and James Veronus foretold great potentials for the exoskeleton suit’s uses outside of the military. But when the latter passed away due to a testing accident at the company, and Luke saw VerTaK split into two separate branches with opposing interests, then got caught in a near-death situation with combat mech URWST-105-2, the boy found himself on the edge of a razor-sharp situation. With his remaining family, childhood friend Gilles, URWST-105-2, and the struggling East Division’s employees to assist his ventures, Luke strives to repair what broke both his father’s passions and Veronus’ own.

Full name: Luke Veronus
Nickname: Raytracer
Age: 18
Height: 5 feet, 10 inches
Eye color: dark blue

Likes: art, intellectual conversations, sport shooting, rollerblading, “powered exoskeleton recreation” with urban parkour
Dislikes: darkness, loneliness, busy and exacting schedules

A special trait: the armor system is studded with gravitational wave generators as a type of active camouflage, capable of merging with physical objects up to several times Luke’s own size.