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Six Years of Bungie Gold

Today marks the 6th anniversary of the killer-app which literally sold the Xbox. Yes, we all know it as Halo: Combat Evolved. Congratulations, Bungie; your original game is still a winner for me. Just one more year until the ubiquitous se7en comes around…

Good thing it’s also the front-page article of Wikipedia according to

Double-Digit Level-Up

I’m beginning to think that this weblog is shifting too much towards dancing games instead of a “slice of Kevin’s life.” Oh well, time will tell. Once again, there’s another ITG2 progress post for clicking “Read more »”

In other news, I’m heading back for Thanksgiving soon; even though the dorm life at Penn State is nice, I definitely need a break from the work before the short dash towards final exams. Coming home to my parents and sister again will be pleasing indeed. Thank you, God, for this time off so that I can go see my family, church, pastor, and friends again…

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More ITG2 Progress

Short and simple for a Saturday-Sunday writeup; ignore this post if you’re not interested in viewing my level-ups with panel dance games.

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The Armor of God – Better Than Fiction (Part 1)

Here’s a formerly-abandoned article that I wrote at months ago, of which I decided to move here today. I’ll continue it again as a blog post series (instead of a page) soon; it’s not worth throwing off thoughts such as these anyway.

Ephesians 6:10-20 has always been one of my favorite passages in the Bible. Paul, locked in prison with Roman guards standing close by, vividly illustrates–of all things–the very clothing that his adversaries were wearing: combat armor. Even then, he doesn’t hesitate to bring the truth of the Gospel to light with an object lesson.

Being a video gamer for years, as well as a recent Anime addict as of this writing, I’ve found that one of the most awesome aspects of science fiction is the concept of physical protection from projectiles while often providing a range of mobility and performance unheard of for a normal human. What do I mean? Oh yes, the very dream of many an Anime otaku, FPS/RTS/(MMO)RPG gamer, sci-fi reader, or for that matter, defense researcher: mobile suits and mecha (giant robots!), powered body armor, human tanks, land walkers, cyborgs, and more. They’re often extremely fast. Incredibly dangerous. Very sleek and refined. Really good-looking (most of the time, and usually for the protagonists). And above all, they don’t exist in real life. How sad, isn’t it? Why, oh why can’t I have my own EVA Unit, Gundam, Arm Slave, or at least something smaller like Master Chief’s MJOLNIR exoskeleton armor to command? Why can’t I wield a gigantic beam rifle/sword while smiling to myself, knowing that this multi-story-high, super-fast robot contains un-gaugeable power? Why can’t I sprint faster than a jet around campus, certain that no one would dare threaten me, or at least be reassured that I won’t ever be late for class again?


Because I already have armor. And it’s better than the GF13-017NJII God Gundam, to you MS fans. In fact, it’s better than anything in this world!

[to be continued]

Back To My Roots

It’s been a while since I’ve done anything related to tool-based/technical drawing and/or sci-fi weapon works. The last significant piece was the “Stationary Antiaircraft Railgun,” finished in 2005. I sure missed those days of eye-straining detailing…until now.

As of late, most of my drawing habits have been adapting to 3D sketching and mecha design (yes, anime has its major influences, especially the Full Metal Panic! and Mobile Suit Gundam series), but more recently I’ve been integrating experience derived from precision drawing into such new ideas. Even so, I’ve also been going “back to my roots,” in that I’m once again finding time to create 2-dimensional works of absurd mechanical devices. Sure, even one piece can take ages (days or “weeks”) to finish, but this is what God let me get better at; got to thank Him for it, indeed.

So, here’s a new piece that I’ve been working on over the past few days; for now, let’s call this an “Anti-Infantry Multiaxis Laser Turret.”


But wait, what ever happened to the “Large-Scale CO2 Light Cannon?” Eh, it might be a high-power laser as well, but consider it an abandoned piece; I realized that adding the long support arms and a geodesic output head caused the whole weapon to appear like a cross between a scorpion, china plate, and the Eye of Sauron – a combination which looked fairly unimposing. The arms also caused a large problem with integrating beam guides and amplifiers into the setup. On the other hand, the newer anti-infantry laser previously described “should” turn out much better, assuming everything on it stays tight and neat. At this time, the following image is the last iteration that I’ll put into the CO2 Light Cannon: