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Finally decided to trash the old Gallery-powered gallery, Nothing new except my procrastination all the way ’till today. Yes, it was powerful software (far more so than NextGEN), but it was definitely not as quick nor easily integrated as what’s running now.

Now I need to update The Tesla Coil Graduation Project page with re-hosted images…some day.

Set-Up Continued

I decided to start the site revamp a little early, since NextGEN Gallery offered a favorable options palette. All of my previous entry’s images have been re-hosted, except for the Pop’n Music ASC project (and all other project photos in general). Some of my featured art is now up as well; just hit the Artwork link at the top of the page. Most of the pieces are fairly old except for the first 3D mecha design and the first sketchbook page, but new ones will come soon!

Spring Cleaning @

No major updates since Otakon 2008. What a drag. This entire site needs a trim-down again, and I’ll have to work on it over the next few weeks as time allows even though I’m on spring break right now. I’m thinking of doing several things:

1. Change or redirect a new domain name to this site that more or less portrays an “online portfolio” nickname in addition to what I usually write every now and then.

2. Apologies for the lack of art updates at in the past…couple of years. They’re all happening exclusively at my deviantART for now, because I’ve planned to get rid of GPFO and the Gallery2 engine. Reason 1: I can no longer keep upgrading the core code and the WPGallery plugin without spending at least one hour tweaking details to my liking each update cycle. WordPress 2.7’s new one-click upgrades and site update system are wonderful additions that I should hope a recent version of G2/G3 has by now, but I’m currently using an outdated version that frankly doesn’t need to be upgraded anymore. Because…Reason 2: my dA needs at most 5 minutes to update with one piece; G2 sometimes takes three times that! The latter is standalone and far more powerful, of course, but I don’t need that many options anymore. Just something to post art, projects, and photos neatly.

3. So, I’ll install a new image organization system that’s lighter and integrated with WordPress’ posting options. I’m thinking about NextGEN Gallery.

4. This means the Tesla Coil Graduation Project page and a number of current site entries will need to be updated with re-uploaded images. For the TCGP, I apologize to anyone who still enjoys looking through the comprehensive image gallery at GPFO, but it may be scrapped entirely. I’ll still post images of the completed coil, specs, and its operation, but only what’s worthwhile.

5. And then…update the Projects page in its entirety.

6. Add new content to and record new level demos.

7. Add content to and give the page a better theme. We do have a full pilot published, but we don’t have it in a net-friendly format yet…

…all while braving upcoming exams and projects. But then again, I’m still thankful to Christ for so many things, including coming home just to take a breather and spend time with my family and church friends. And of course, sleep. Lots of it.

“Don’t use Google.”

That’s what a good number of teachers said when I went to E.N. Peirce Middle School. They told us students to use HotBot, AltaVista, and hey, even Ask Jeeves. They told us that Google wasn’t comprehensive enough, and doesn’t provide in-depth search results. Well let me tell you now, times have certainly changed.

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The Anti-Drabble Update, Finally

So when I first wrote back in October 2007 that this site would be “mostly a slice of Kevin’s life again,” I forgot to mention how sparsely the weblog would be updated. What, it’s been since April 10, 2008 since the last bit? Ah, seems it’s time to give a rundown of what’s happened over these few months. Hit “Read more” if you’re interested, but pardon the disorganization ahead…there’s a lot to talk about.

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