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Chamber Music…Hero?

I still wish that Activision and RedOctane would publish a Jazz Guitar Hero (a Pat Metheny or Lee Ritenour track will make “Jordan” and “Through the Fire and Flames” seem like 4th-grade band lessons on Expert), but today’s “FoxTrot” touches base closely enough.


Oh, and did I tell you that Setsucon 2008 was even more awesome than last year? The Daily Collegian covered the event! Sorry, no pictures as both days were pegged at 110% for me working the gaming room. Apparently, my head was glowing red from the effort, though I consider it good stress compared to what is going on right now with classes. Sunday’s “Guitar Hero Idol,” despite being a technical failure (believe it or not, two PS2s died during that event!), was still a lot of fun with those who participated; same goes for “Retro Gaming Live” with 007 GoldenEye 64 and Pokémon Stadium minigames. Meeting Chris “Kilika” Malone, Dave Lister, and Kyle Herbert was awesome, too. Finally, the PSAOM managed to sell over 50 copies of the manga’s pilot chapter (which is posted online here as well), quite a success for our group’s first print run!

I miss those two days, namely January 26-27, but it’s less than one year ’till 2009, Setsucon fans!

[Edit, 2/18/07] Here’s video of a former PSAO member competing in “Guitar Hero Idol” (she’s the owner of the “What the Kat dragged in…” blog); thanks to GeminixDragon for the footage!

Second Semester Rush

Welcome 2008 (I guess)! Here goes another year of sporadic blogging, brought to you by Kevin.

Today marks the beginning of the second semester of my sophomore year – and EE 210 is right at the top of my “hardest classes that I cannot afford to get below a C in or face the wrath of my own ‘unstable yet lackluster’ standards”-type courses. People say that “sophomore” means “wise fool” as well; let’s hope I can debunk that definition this time around (considering the…very…lacking performance of this past fall).

And now, some fun things to speak of:
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Six Years of Bungie Gold

Today marks the 6th anniversary of the killer-app which literally sold the Xbox. Yes, we all know it as Halo: Combat Evolved. Congratulations, Bungie; your original game is still a winner for me. Just one more year until the ubiquitous se7en comes around…

Good thing it’s also the front-page article of Wikipedia according to

Double-Digit Level-Up

I’m beginning to think that this weblog is shifting too much towards dancing games instead of a “slice of Kevin’s life.” Oh well, time will tell. Once again, there’s another ITG2 progress post for clicking “Read more »”

In other news, I’m heading back for Thanksgiving soon; even though the dorm life at Penn State is nice, I definitely need a break from the work before the short dash towards final exams. Coming home to my parents and sister again will be pleasing indeed. Thank you, God, for this time off so that I can go see my family, church, pastor, and friends again…

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More ITG2 Progress

Short and simple for a Saturday-Sunday writeup; ignore this post if you’re not interested in viewing my level-ups with panel dance games.

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