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The Anti-Drabble Update, Finally

So when I first wrote back in October 2007 that this site would be “mostly a slice of Kevin’s life again,” I forgot to mention how sparsely the weblog would be updated. What, it’s been since April 10, 2008 since the last bit? Ah, seems it’s time to give a rundown of what’s happened over these few months. Hit “Read more” if you’re interested, but pardon the disorganization ahead…there’s a lot to talk about.

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Pop’n Music ASC Project Photos

Spring Break has ended, and it’s time to move on with the semester. Too bad most of the exams are jammed between now and the next month and a half! Quite a poor testing schedule on PSU’s part, sadly.

However, before I head off to return a certain Nikon D80 to Penn State Media Tech, the following are some photos of the Pop’n Music Arcade-Style Controller project built over winter break; read more here about the inspiration – and credits to whom it may concern – to construct such a bulky gaming device. Assuredly, it survived Setsucon 2008 quite well, and even more so the subsequent DDR and Import Gaming Nights (held by Dance Dance Maniacs and the Penn State Anime Organization, respectively). In fact, the final three photos are in-use shots from the most recent gaming night before last week’s break. Enjoy!

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Second Semester Rush

Welcome 2008 (I guess)! Here goes another year of sporadic blogging, brought to you by Kevin.

Today marks the beginning of the second semester of my sophomore year – and EE 210 is right at the top of my “hardest classes that I cannot afford to get below a C in or face the wrath of my own ‘unstable yet lackluster’ standards”-type courses. People say that “sophomore” means “wise fool” as well; let’s hope I can debunk that definition this time around (considering the…very…lacking performance of this past fall).

And now, some fun things to speak of:
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