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In the Groove Level-Up

Only months ago, I never knew that the In the Groove series of panel dance games could be so much fun – more so than the DDR line, for that matter. I don’t know for sure if it’s due to the more diverse step patterns, the great music selection, or just because it’s not a Konami game (or, at least wasn’t); hey, it’s more than just a Dance Dance Revolution clone.

And so, I finally passed an Expert song several days ago on the HUB-Robeson student center’s ITG2 machine. “This is Rock and Roll,” 9-foot. On a side note, if a C+ were my grade for the most recent CSE 297A exam, I would’ve been extremely pleased; too bad ITG2 and computer science can’t trade places. :/

Hard to believe that only a year ago, I wouldn’t even touch an arcade dance machine, nevermind a soft pad. Next goals: get better than a C+ for this song, and pass “D-Code” on Expert (because it sounds great and has equally-good steps). The following screenshot isn’t worth posting on, anyway.