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Starship Groove and StepMania 3.9 – Remake

Here’s a new autoplayed recording of a more-recent StepMania 3.9 simfile created around an Animusic track. Actually, a redux: I’ve used Animusic 2‘s 7/4-time Starship Groove in a pair of early, laggy experimental Couples charts, back when custom “stepping” was a new hobby for me. Since those turned out to be far too easy, even for dance pads, I’ve scrapped everything and built a brand new level; the redone 13-footer Challenge stepfile is difficult enough to warrant keyboard-ing it instead – just like the file based on Drum Machine. If one wished to dance to it, this would be like a four-minute sprint with incinerated feet!

As usual, I’ve posted the normal video capture along with a version that has Player 1’s assist tick enabled. This is so that the viewer can understand the stepchart’s overall rhythm better.

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